Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy 36th Birthday Daddy!

We celebrated Jamey's 36th birthday yesterday! Alyssa was so proud of herself! She helped make his birthday special by helping make and ice his birthday cupcakes. My little sweetie is such a big helper in the kitchen! She did add a little extra vanilla (oops...) but they turned out very tasty regardless! He wanted chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing and so that's what she and I made. She put them on the cake stand and put the candles in all by herself! He said it was the best birthday present she could have given him.

I can't believe he's 36! We started dating when he was 25! Here are a couple of pictures from his birthday celebration.

She did such a good job didn't she???

Thursday, July 14, 2011

All for the love of grand-gals

My in-laws are great. I know I've mentioned that before but it's worth repeating. They also ADORE their grandchildren and are the best grandparents that our girls could ask for. They are so enamored of our kiddos that Pop built this play yard in their backyard for when the girls get in for a visit every year. I know they wish we were a lot closer than the 16 hours that seperates us now. It's a pretty awesome play yard. My husband is super jealous! He said he would have loved this as a kid! It has a awesome slide, 2 swings, a trapeze, a zip line and as soon as Pop finishes it it will have a rock climbing wall as well. He's been finishing it up as we have been here this past week and everyday Alyssa monitors his progress!
As you can tell the Zip line was an instant hit with the grand-gal
And this is the best picture ever!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fun with Marky and Clarissa

We got to play with Mark and Clarissa today! It was such fun and the kids had a ball swimming in the pool! Clarissa and I got to do our "belly pic." Clarissa is my oldest and dearest friend and we are having our 2nd children days apart. Our oldest are about 8 months apart. I couldn't be happier for she and her family! Here are a couple of pictures from our play date.
I'm about 26 weeks here and Clarissa is about 25. (oh how I wish I was as cute as she is!!!)
And these 2 pictures are from our "attempt" at getting a picture of the 4 of us together! They are pretty cute if not terrible fantastic! But all 4 of us managed to get in them so they will do!
And we look like poo because Clarissa and I have this TERRIBLE tendency to get pictures at the end of an event! Today was the pool so we aren't looking our hottest!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Amelia's Baby shower

Today we had my baby shower for Miss Amelia! It was such a fun and super laid back shower! I so enjoyed it! My mother in law and my sister planned it, and I am so super thankful! We had it at the pool on Monte Sano. My in-laws are members there and it's beautiful! We tried to "keep it small" since it was my second baby, but it still ended up being a huge crowd. The kids got to swim briefly before it rained us out! I got lots of goodies and got to catch up with all my friends and see all their little ones! Here are a few pictures. I didn't get near enough! I meant to get pictures with several of my friends but it didn't happen!
This is my sister, Manda. She's my very closest friend. I'm so glad that I'm having another girl because she'll have a sister and I adore mine so much that I can't think of a better gift for my girls. I hope they will be as close as Manda and I are one day.
Presents :)
This is my friend Wendy. Wendy and I went to high school together and we both took a while to get pregnant. It has been wonderful being pregnant together! Our cell phones are constantly dinging with pregnancy related questions and complaints and baby belly pic comparisons! It's been so fun and I'm glad we will have Amelia and Keegan so close together! I'm looking forward to them meeting next year when we get in for a visit!
And this BEAUTIFUL pregnant gal is my friend Clarissa. Clarissa is 2 weeks older together and I have literally known and loved her since utero! Our mother's were pregnant together and Clarissa is my oldest and one of my dearest friends. She's having her second child (a little girl) about a week after I'm having mine! I feel blessed that we get to have this experience together! She makes a FAR cuter pregnant girl that I do!

And this is an adorable gaggle of girly goodness! It rained at the shower and couldn't swim so they resorted to running out in the rain and squealing! It was hysterical and adorable!!!

My sweet nephew Rylan

My younger brother, Michael, and his girlfriend Brittany welcomed their first child on July 5th. We were lucky enough to be in town in time to meet little Rylan. We actually didn't plan it that way it just sort of worked out. Alyssa really enjoyed meeting her newest cousin and got to practice feeding the baby. She really enjoyed that and did such a good job! Here are a few pictures of this handsome little man! Welcome to the family Rylan!