Monday, August 1, 2011

Growing up too quickly for mama!

I can't believe how quickly my 'baby' has grown up. I now understand why my father-in-law still introduces my 36 year old husband as "My baby boy." My little sweetie is growing up too fast for her mama! She'll always be that 5 lb 6 ounce baby that I brought home from the hospital over 4 years ago no matter how big she gets. This week she transitioned from her little purple tricycle to a princess pink big girl bike. We took her to the park so she could practice riding around and she did such a good job. By the end of our trip there she was zooming all over the concrete loudly pronouncing that she was "the fastest kid eva!" Our trip around the neighborhood with the "mountains," as she referred to the few hills, wasn't quite as good. Little bit does like to be pushed and anytime she had to really work at the pedals she just asked if I'd push her up "the mountain." With a little practice she'll be zooming all over the neighborhood with her mama and papa.

Here is her posing with her new bike. She's had the helmet for a while for rides on our bikes but it matched her bike perfectly and that made her extra happy!
And this picture just cause I like it and want to share it. She's gorgeous (ok I'm biased but she is)!! We had a crocodile hunt after her bike practice. The park here is by a creek and so we ran around down there in search of the crocodiles. She kept consulting the birds in the trees about where they were hiding. It was pretty adorable, but her daddy said he thinks she's been watching too many Disney movies!