Thursday, September 29, 2011

My girl's quilts

Almost finished! I just need to finish binding them and they will be ready to grace my lovely little ladies beds! I pieced the tops but both were quilted for me. Amelia's quilt was quilted by one of my mother in laws coworkers. She did such an amazing job! She is going to add Amelia's name and date of birth when she arrives! I'm pretty proud of how both quilts turned out and I hope the girls cherish them for years and years to come!

This is Alyssa's pinwheel quilt. I used a local long arm quilter to quilt hers. She did a great job! I just need to finish attaching my binding. Alyssa LOVES her quilt. She says that it's "super cozy" and she loves that it's super pink!

And this is Miss Amelia's. My mother in laws coworker offered to quilt it for me and she out did herself on it! It came in the mail just yesterday! I need to cut it down/trim it up and attach the binding to it as well. I'm just so happy with how it turned out. She put bunnies in the border and she is going to get it back after Amelia arrives and put her name and date of birth in the top border. I can't wait to get it finished up, but I'm not sure if it will happen before she gets here since I'm being induced on the 13th!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

DIY "Udder Cover"

I actually made this for my incredibly beautiful, wonderfully pregnant life long friend, Clarissa (but now I want to make one for myself as well!). I found a online tutorial and tried it out. This was my first attempt and I am super pleased with the result. Hopefully Clarissa will be as well! Here's the tutorial that I used to make my own homemade "Udder Cover." It's much cheaper to make your own and I actually like this one better because it's a little longer and wider than the name brand version that cost a lot more.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dancing in the rain and other household happenings

The last couple of days it has actually rained here! This is exciting since we have been (and still are) on water restrictions for months now. My child LOVES to play in the rain. I always let her and join her a lot of the time as long as it's not lightening out. I might be slightly nutty and run around in the rain with my 4 year old, but I'm safe and she knows if it's lightening out in the house we go! She was so excited that it was raining Friday afternoon that she immediately darted out and started spinning around in it. I didn't get any awesome pictures like I had dreamed up in my mind but I was trying to keep the camera from getting soaked! One of the many reasons I so love being a mom is moments like these. Those gentle reminders that life's greatest joys are completely uncomplicated and don't cost a thing. I hope one day when she's grown she'll remember playing in the rain with mama and allow her kids the same simple pleasures.
She looks like a drowned rat here!
And in other happenings we had a kitten "find" us. Said kitten was hiding under my car Friday morning when we headed out to school. So far we have been unsuccessful and finding his home or finding him a new permanent home. With our current menagerie of critters we do not want to keep this little guy so we just have to keep working on it. (I say WE, but really it's me. Alyssa and her daddy see no reason why we can't keep him) Alyssa of course is IN LOVE with the kitten. He's her constant little companion. A sweeter natured little cat I have never met. He's happy to let her do just about whatever she wants to him and still comes to her when she calls him. Our animals all have the silliest names (Freya, Guinevere and Desdemona) and with no exception Jamey and Alyssa named kitty "Orr." Pretty stupid name for a cat but oh well Desdemona is pretty stupid name for a dog. Apparently it's a shortened 'cooler' form of Oreo. I told my dear, big hearted, animal loving husband just because he named him doesn't mean he can keep him.
He is ridiculously adorable isn't he???

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Making use of nap time...freezer cooking!

Countdown to baby Amelia's arrival is on! She'll be making her appearance before we know it! I'm nervous, excited, emotional and a whole slew of other emotions about it! This week I think I have burst out crying at least 3 times randomly weird. I still am a little in shock that we are going to be bringing home another sweet baby! It's just not something we ever thought would happen! I've also become slightly absorbed in how our house will run after she arrives! I've been setting up all our bills for automatic draft, organizing the weirdest things, and have become completely obsessed with stocking the freezer with healthy meals for post baby time. Jamey thinks I'm completely insane, but he'll be very glad when he's eating what he typically eats for dinner every night and not eating Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches or McDonalds! We had a baby before but we didn't have the 4 year old at the time, so I've been so worried about how having a infant will affect her schedule and want to make everything as streamlined as possible for her.

All that being said I love this whole freezer cooking concept!!! I follow a couple of blogs that do a lot of freezer cooking (Money Saving Mom and Once a Month Mom) and have for a while but haven't ever really tried out freezer cooking for myself. It seemed like too much work. It's been super easy! I basically double whatever I'm making and freeze 1/2. It's required very little extra work than cooking dinner nightly. I did take advantage of Alyssa's long nap today (Nap time rocks. I've so missed her napping daily!!!) to throw the above together. It took me about an hour from start to finish to get it all chopped, layered, mixed, labeled and wrapped up. I just need to load the dishwasher and wipe off the counters and I'm finished with 4 meals! I have about 2 weeks worth of meals in the freezer now and I'll add 2 of the 4 meals pictured above to the "stock" today (One is actually dinner tonight and the one is dinner on Thursday). I have a couple more meals to add and then I'm stocked up and ready for "Post Baby madness" (Well at least we will eat anyway! I'm sure the madness will happen anyway!). Jamey can't cook but he can reheat like a pro!

Here are the links to the recipes pictured above in the event you want to try it out! Both are from Once A Month Mom's blog. She has TONS of recipes and they all look pretty tasty! She also does Gluten free, vegan, and diet recipes. I found a recipe for Pumpkin Cream Cheese muffins that I would LOVE to make (and eat!!!) as well!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Can it please be a holiday already???

That's the general feel at our house this week! All week long my cute little blue eyed wonder child has begged to put up the Christmas tree or go trick or treating! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! At least 20 times a day she's asked about the Christmas tree. She has a whole list of reasons that we really SHOULD go ahead and put it up (and just so everyone knows I HATE the Christmas tree. It's a big pain in my butt from the minute it goes up until I happily rip it down the day after Christmas). It's been somewhat amusing and somewhat annoying...We told her that we had to have Halloween prior to Christmas and then we moved into "Let's go trick or treating tonight???" mode. She would LOVE to make a gingerbread house. Gingerbread houses are a tradition in our home dating back to before she was born. Jamey and I have made one every Christmas since we have been married. He loves them (He's as big a kid as she is I believe)! Today I went shopping at Target while she was at school and I picked up what I hope will satisfy her desire for all things holiday, a kit to make "Spooky cupcakes." I told her dad that'd we'd make a "Haunted Gingerbread house" closer to Halloween.

The "Spooky Cupcakes" were a hit, and best yet she has friends coming over tomorrow morning for a playdate so she gets to share her creatures with her friends after lunch. The $6 I spent on the kit was totally worth it. She loved helping mix them up and then decorate them this afternoon. She also ate quite a bit of the icing and the batter and the candy now she's pretty bright eyed and sugar infused! Here are a few picture of my little monster with her creations! She's very "Spooky" isn't she (and adorable!!!)???