Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dancing in the rain and other household happenings

The last couple of days it has actually rained here! This is exciting since we have been (and still are) on water restrictions for months now. My child LOVES to play in the rain. I always let her and join her a lot of the time as long as it's not lightening out. I might be slightly nutty and run around in the rain with my 4 year old, but I'm safe and she knows if it's lightening out in the house we go! She was so excited that it was raining Friday afternoon that she immediately darted out and started spinning around in it. I didn't get any awesome pictures like I had dreamed up in my mind but I was trying to keep the camera from getting soaked! One of the many reasons I so love being a mom is moments like these. Those gentle reminders that life's greatest joys are completely uncomplicated and don't cost a thing. I hope one day when she's grown she'll remember playing in the rain with mama and allow her kids the same simple pleasures.
She looks like a drowned rat here!
And in other happenings we had a kitten "find" us. Said kitten was hiding under my car Friday morning when we headed out to school. So far we have been unsuccessful and finding his home or finding him a new permanent home. With our current menagerie of critters we do not want to keep this little guy so we just have to keep working on it. (I say WE, but really it's me. Alyssa and her daddy see no reason why we can't keep him) Alyssa of course is IN LOVE with the kitten. He's her constant little companion. A sweeter natured little cat I have never met. He's happy to let her do just about whatever she wants to him and still comes to her when she calls him. Our animals all have the silliest names (Freya, Guinevere and Desdemona) and with no exception Jamey and Alyssa named kitty "Orr." Pretty stupid name for a cat but oh well Desdemona is pretty stupid name for a dog. Apparently it's a shortened 'cooler' form of Oreo. I told my dear, big hearted, animal loving husband just because he named him doesn't mean he can keep him.
He is ridiculously adorable isn't he???