Sunday, December 11, 2011

Family photos

I'm probably the worse ever about having our family photos "made." I never ever get them done, I never ever get pictures of Alyssa "made" either. That being said I do take TONS and TONS of pictures of my girls. I just never take them and have them posed at the photo studio and have them done "professionally." Why? I don't like that style picture. I think that it's because I see my little munchkin as this ball full of nonstop energy and her sitting still having her photo made with cute little bows in her hair doesn't add up to the fiesty, uneven haired (she cuts it on a regular basis herself...ok I should probably figure out to stop this problem, but I just figure when she's 15 and wants to know why she has such a stupid looking hair cut from age 2 to 10 that I'll be able to let her know she was her own stylist), smiling, laughing little child that I have the true joy of watching grow everyday. Picture day at her school this year was a disaster. I attempted to send her to school in a really cute dress my mother in law made for her and to fix her hair all up. She completely refused the outfit I picked out, grabbed her rattiest (and favorite) sundress, ankle boots with the scuffed toes and looked at the bow like I asked her to smear poop in her hair, and headed out the door to school. There went my idea of a adorable photo right there.

With all that being said I like my house being filled with photos that I take of my little monsters and their doting, serious, quiet papa. The disadvantage of my desire to document every smile, and fit that happens in our lives...I drive my husband and children absolutely crazy. Currently Alyssa gets irritated anytime she sees me with the camera and I imagine that will get worse. The other disadvantage is that it's been said that I don't have any "real" pictures of the girls either. But does it get any more real than this photo?

If we went to have our pictures made they would never have gotten this picture of my husband. He would have a really stupid look on his face and wouldn't look near this happy. I'm thrilled to be a 'snapshot' photographer and I'm happy to display these snapshots of our lives in our home. Meet my newest snapshot. I'm hanging up as soon as it gets here :)