Thursday, March 1, 2012

For the love of a mama....

What happens when Daddy holds me....
What happens when he hands me to mama....

Somebody loves her mama huh???

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pretend birthdays and how a lady eats her food

Alyssa has been all about her birthday of she and I made this horribly ugly little cake and had a "pretend" birthday. The things we do for our kids right?? She loved it. It was a ton of fun making this rainbow cake together (even if it was ugly!)!!!
And Miss Millie is gonna have to work on her table manners....she doesn't eat like a lady but she's too cute huh??

Monday, February 13, 2012

Baby Food

It's hard to believe that Millie is already 4 months old! Seems like yesterday she was born! We started introducing baby food seriously a couple of weeks ago and we have been adding to our menu every few days. I am making Millie's baby food this go round. I didn't make Alyssa's but I think I was so overwhelmed with being a new mom and working full time that at the time it was just something else for me to do and it seemed so incredibly difficult. I started making baby food and discovered that this is so incredible easy (and CHEAP!) that I should have done it long before! I made a big batch of sweet potato and zuchinni baby foods for like $2.20!!! Gerber eat your heart out! Here is my ice cube tray full of squashy goodness ready for the freezer....and the best part....
It's kid tested and approved!! What a happy baby :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sisters are special....

When I found out we were adding another kiddo to our family I remember being overjoyed with that fact. I was just so happy, we'd spent a number of years wishing for this addition. Part of me wanted a boy because we already had a girl, but when I found out we were adding another girl to our household I was thrilled (that was Jamey's wish all along!). I have a sister and I can't imagine what my life would be like without her. She's my best friend, my confidant, my absolute other half. I have two brothers and I'm super close to them as well, but my sister is just well special. I was so glad that I was going to give my daughters the gift of a sister. There's no other relationship quite as complicated or quite as wonderful as sisterhood. May my daughters always have the joy of each other in their lives....

Friday, January 27, 2012

14 weeks

I took this on the rug in Alyssa's bedroom. My friend Jaime made this darling bow, a friend of my mother in laws supplied the adorable outfit, and I produced the adorable baby...with a little help from my husband :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Years tradition

My husband actually started this tradition last year but everyone liked it so much that it's going to be a New Year's tradition keeper in our household. Last year at our New Year's Eve party Jamey had everyone write down something they wanted to work on about themselves in the New Year on a piece of paper and then throw it in the fire. I can't remember his rationale behind this but the kids loved it, so we did it again this year with our family. Here are our resolutions. I did Amelia's for her this year.
And there they go....
Maybe it'll help us achieve our goals :) Happy New Year everyone!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Motherhood and other mothers

This is sort of a rant and it isn't directed at anyone before anyone calls me about it, it's a general frustrated rant. Being a mother is hard work. It's equally rewarding and exhausting. It's hard enough by itself without getting criticism from other mother's about how "wrong" you are doing everything. (People fail to notice what all you do right) I get frustrated at times when I get criticized when my kiddos are having a bad day. Sitting still while you are eating out was hard when I was a kid and I don't think it's gotten any easier over the years. It's boring for a 4 year old and picking up random scraps of goodness knows what off the floor is way more amusing than listening to the grown ups talk. If you put a big pretty glass bird on the shelf it's like asking tiny little hands to take it for a test flight...and said bird might get broken. Just saying....

It's frustrating when people expect my child to be as angelic as their own little angels. My kids aren't angels. I'm not fooling myself a bit there. If you know me at all you know that I am 100% realistic about my strengths and weaknesses as a mother. I want my children to be wonderful, expressive, curious little people and sometimes they like to throw themselves in the floor and kick and scream and pound their adorable little fist. Is this embarassing? Yes it is. You looking at me like I'm a awful mom while it's going on isn't helping anything. People fail to realize that for every 1 time this horrid humiliating tantrum happens there are another 50 times that we managed to go out in public and walk quietly beside mom and be completely well behaved. It's hard, I'm doing the best I can, I love my little monsters and you telling me how you think I'm doing and what you think I ought to do different really isn't changing much. Every child is different and I'm sorry if I don't like the off hand comments about how awful my kids are. I don't expect them to be perfect and I'm extremely realistic that they aren't. They are kids. Kids are kids and some days kids aren't good. Period.

I find myself drawn to mom's who know that their children are imperfect. Children that sometimes climb furniture and color on the walls. Mom's who have found a half empty jar of their expensive lotion and find the other half smeared all over a window, or the kid. Mom's who's kids get into their makeup and make "bad boy" badges up and down their arms. These mom's help me laugh at the little things that drive me nuts and help me realize that I'm not a bad mom and that my kid isn't a bad kid, she just a kid and kids do crazy stuff. Mom's who come home from outings with their kids that feel like they got hit by a truck in the process. Those mom's are so easy to be around because you can call them when your newborn blows her diaper up all over you in the car and you have to improvise because you forgot to restock your diaper bad and laugh hysterically along with you. Who completely understand what you mean when you say that you have had a completely horrible, not so good, very bad mom day.

It's been awesome being a mother with my sister. Our girls are 2 months apart almost to the minute. We didn't plan it that way at all, it just happened. Alli and Alyssa are so much alike. I've had numerous phone calls from my sister that begin with this statement "If someone came to the door and offered to buy my child today I'd totally have sold her." I've made this same observation I don't know how many times, I never meant it (well not totally...). Amanda makes me feel so much better, and that's what parenting our children should be like. Mom's should lift each other up, not tear each other down with hurtful comments about how awful your kid is. So any mom reading this, next time you start to rip down another mom, or look on disdainfully as a child throws a big public fit remember being a mom is hard work for ALL mothers (and if you found motherhood to be so easy please lord let me know what crazy pill you are on so that I can get myself a prescription). Lift each other up. That's what all of us should do as mothers, and if you aren't doing this then maybe you just found something to work on in 2012.

End of my mothering rant. Now off to scrub crayola off the wall.....